Friday/Saturday Rules – We all start together

The Deal

  • Designate a scorekeeper.  Clearly write in the “Team Number” and “Table Number”.
  • First Jack deals.   Properly shuffle the cards.
  • Cards must be dealt by 2’s and 3’s (exception for Canadian players, who may consistently deal 1 at a time). 
  • A “cut” must be offered to the person to right of dealer.  Players do NOT have to cut.  Use the cut card, but penalty point will NOT be awarded for not using.
  • “Misdeal” – As long as trump cards is not turned over, re-deal cards.  If trump card is exposed, loss of deal.
  • ​​Do not intentionally steal the deal.  If it is determined that the deal rotation is interrupted, return to correct rotation.   The trump cube should be passed with the deal to avoid confusion.

The Play

  • Once trump card is turned, player to left of dealer may begin the call using appropriate language (“pick it up”, “pass”, “alone” “that’s trump”.  No table talk, no indicators (“I’ll help”, “for you partner”).

  •  Due to noise level, you may knock 1 time to pass.

  • Stick the dealer.   You do NOT have to have trump to order or call.

  • Discard BEFORE picking up trump card.  Do NOT have 6 cards in hand.  See penalties.

  •  Play out all cards.  You may ask to show, but ALL players MUST agree.  Do not toss your cards on the table and declare a point, as it will result in a 2-point penalty.

  • Neatly collect your own trick. This is the BEST way to prove a renege.  It is OK to push the trick to your partner.  This will not result in a penalty but will ensure that all tricks are with the person who made it.  Partner may collect tricks on loner attempt.

  • The first team to reach 10 (up to 13 points), wins the game.

  • Complete the scorecard by clearly writing the total score in the star & 1 player from each team will verify both scores & initial next to their score in agreement.  The “moving” team will turn in the scoresheet to the score keeper.


Successful loners, or penalty during loner attempt                                       4 POINTS AND/OR
Singles game (5 for person making the loner)                                                5 POINTS

ALL Euchres (even on loner), team makes all 5 tricks or penalty                 2 POINTS

Team declaring trump takes 3-4 tricks                                                             1 POINT


  • Play out of turn, exposed card, too many cards in hand, not enough cards in hand, Euchre

  • 6 cards in hand – 1st time warning, 2nd time penalty

  • Blatant indicators such long hesitations, inappropriate terminology (“I’ll Help”, “For you, partner”, “we’ll try it”), etc.  - 1st time warning, 2nd time penalty

  • Call tournament director to settle disputes.  After the fact calls will not be made. Respect the decision of the tournament director.  Even if you don’t agree with it.  We do our best to keep it fair.


  • Use cut card and trump cube.  No points awarded for non-use.
  • Keep the game moving.  Do not take long breaks.
  • Do not yell, call names or swear at opponents.
  • It is OK to challenge a play.
  • You may ask what trump is but try to pay attention and use cube.
  • Anyone found cheating or playing in an unsportsmanlike manner will be asked to leave, forfeit entry fee and will not be allowed to participate in future MCC tournaments.
  • Do not distribute the score keepers.  They volunteer their valuable time to assist us.  Volunteers will be around with 50/50 tickets, lottery ticket, etc. 
  • Calling trump out of turn or turned down trump card – loss of call, opposing team has option to call trump or re-deal.

 The “What If” Game

Q         What if the I wish my partner “good luck” on a loner attempt?  Can a “table talk” penalty be called?

A         No.  While we understand the objection, we want people to have a good time.  Without thought, we      tend to wish our partners good when the go alone.   We encourage good sportsmanship and most importantly, we want people to enjoy themselves while they play. 

 Q         What if I have bad cards and I want to quit, throw my cards and/or complain constantly about how bad my cards have been?
A         While we all appreciate and understand “having a bad card day”, it is important to remember that your partner may be having a “I’d rather be lucky than good” day.  In other words, we should always play our very best game and exercise good sportsmanship.

 Q         What if the opposing team insists that I have violated a rule and I, although reluctantly, agree with them and take the penalty, only to find out that “I was right” all along?
A         Unfortunately, we cannot make after the fact rulings.  If there is a dispute, call over a tournament director for a decision.  We do our very best to make a fair call and hope it will be respected.

Q         What if I am a stickler for the rules and like to call penalty for every single infraction can find.  Is that a problem?

A         Yes.  We are asking you to use common sense when calling a penalty.  We believe at our tournaments that the Euchre players know how to play Euchre.  We also believe the player that violated a rules, needs to own up to their mistake.  We also believe; however, that discretion can be used, and most issues can be resolved without the tournament director.  We believe that tournaments are won based on your ability to play and some luck.  So, does this mean we cannot call a penalty?  Absolutely not.  If you reach an impasse, call a tournament director over for assistance.  These are instances we would rather not be called over for:

            “they did turn the trump cube”, we get two points.  False.

            “they said get in the truck, instead of I’m going alone”, we get 4 points.  False. 

            “They knocked twice.  Someone told me that did at your last tournament.  We get 2 points. No.

            “They knocked twice on this call and the last call.  We are calling it.  Yes, you would get 2 points.

            “He asked what was turned over and then picked up the card to look at it”.  Tough call.  You can ask what trump is but refrain from touching the cards unless you are the dealer and then only as necessary.  Use the provided trump cube.

            She grabbed the tick when it was mine?  No penalty.  Push the cards to the winner of the trick.

Use common sense, exercise good sportsmanship, follow the rules and call tournament director when necessary. 

We want EVERYONE to have a good time and to enjoy a competitive game.